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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Mortifier - Your Mortscript coding pal

This app will bridge the gap between you and coding Mortscript on your phone.

Here are a few limitations we experience as we Mort code more and more.

Getting at It:
So you've set up a a script, Do-Me-Now.mscr, and copied it into a sub folder on your phone. Maybe you even copied it into a sub sub folder because you have so many scripts, like me.
How fast can you browse to that script? Well let's see, Start, Explore, Storage Card, Morts, Testing. There it is! Great! I am here, now I run Do-Me-Now.mscr. And of course, like all new and great scripts, it doesn't run. That only took us clicking four clicks to get there and run it.

Exploring Anew:
Now run another script you have in a different sub-folder. Click up, CLick into new sub folder. Keep in mind not all phones File Browse quickly. My phone is more small perhaps than your screen, as well as slower. Small is a pain to see while browsing folders. I feel it every time I click the D-Pad. You may have tabbed exploring, but I don't. Then if I want to get back to my old script, browsing back. It isn't simple.

Edit Me Not:
I see my file in the little File Browser window, I can run it, but now I need to edit it. Right Click? Do any mobile phones have a right click button? If mine does I have never seen. My soft menu buttons say "Find" and "Menu". Where is the "Edit File"? Dead end. But wait, I know, we can rename Do-Me-Now.mscr to Do-Me-Now.TXT, and now we can edit it with the default editor. Then save it and rename it to Do-Me-Now.mscr. Well at least we can.

Tomorrow is a Whole New Day:
I've reset my phone. Or the phone auto closed my File Browser. Now I start finger browsing from scratch. No favorite folder list, no default last explored folder is selected. Every time I run File Browser I have to start from scratch.

But Wait, I have More:
It seems I have to run a couple mortscripts in a session of coding. My test app, a windowrecording utility, another app or two. I want to click one app from my start menu, and be in my environment.

More, not Less:
Now I am in my environment, editing is now possible. But I can do more with the clicks I saved, what else? Handy access to your photo browser, registry editor, and screenshot taker (Moves your screenshots as well).

Less, not More:
But wait a sec, can't we just open the text file editor on the phone and start there? Maybe. In the first place, wow, I try and use the best editors on the market on my phone, but they all seem to have very annoying limitations. Some editors can't remember which files we were just editing, no recent list. Some editors have such a terrible document loading interface I was unable to browse for my document at all. This goes for Osymo Textpad as well as Orneta's Notepad. Not to mention, half the apps I tried don't have a close/exit option.
But irregardless, this is not just a launcher of convenience. It is also a launcher of utility.

Some new things you might like as much as I would:

1. Internal Registry Browser & Paster:
Browse the registry, choose the Key you want, and it will be pasted into your Mort code.

2. Mortscript Language Code Dictionary:
Browse to the Mortscript command you want to insert into your code and select it. Internal support for Orneta Notepad, but any text editor will work.

There's more, get ready...

Spy run
Select script
Directory search
Registry Hopper
Watched Folder Auto install: BT/Storage
Personal IIS web updating. Who needs to wires or BT to update our scripts/cabs/docs/jpgs etc.

The Mortifier - Your Mortscript coding pal

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