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Friday, December 11, 2009

Dict v1.6.15

Dict - free viewer for dictionaries devices based on Windows Mobile.

Dict is a dictionary program with support for .zd dictionary bases (lots of free dictionaries available on the net).

If you don't mind menus in russian and if you have dictionaries converted to ZD format, it is a must have, a small and very fast program. I made my test with a Collins Cobuild dictionnary and I can say that it is a very efficient format which supports hyperlinks.

The program is undemanding to resources of the CCP and has the following advantages:
* Faster loading shells and dictionaries;
* high degree of compression dictionaries;
* support the entire family of Windows Mobile: 6.1 / 6 / 5 / 2003 (SE) as a Pocket PC and Smartphone versions
* Support for all screen QVGA, VGA, WVGA, Square
* ability to display text, transcription and illustrations
* the ability to play sound files (pronunciation).
* support for multiple languages;
* open format of dictionaries, a large selection of ready-made vocabularies and the ability to transform from a variety of other formats (Lingvo, Sdict, dictionaries HaaliReader, etc.).
* integration with the popular reader and AlReader2 HaaliReader (special build);

* Pocket PC Windows Mobile 5.0
* Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.0

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