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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SINOVO SiDiary v6

Diabetes management in a new dimension. Easy, clear, flexible.

The version for Windows Smartphones will give you SiDiary's look&feel on your mobile phone (windows mobile 2003 or newer). The typical grid style data capture screen is also available in this version.

The data tracking is completely optimized for this device with the numeric key pad, so that you can enter the additional extra characters without switching from numeric to text input mode. Just use SiDiary's multi-press behaviour for the #-key and get i.e. the decimal delimiter or the minus etc.

The mobile phone is a daily companion today. This small piece of hardware opens the door to capture your diabetes data in the most discreet way even in your business day. But our software can much more. You can search for nutritions on this device as well as creating all statistics or trend analysis and also the bolus suggestion is available on this platform.

An unbelievable feature comes with this mobile version: SiDiary can be configured for risk patients that it will send SMS messages automatically for every critical levels tracked with the software. You can configure the person of trust who will receive this SMS message and you can decide if the patient shall be able to cancel the SMS message or if the message will be send without that abort possiblity. The trusted person could be your doctor (i.e. for people with a new diagnosed diabetes) but also the parents of kids with diabetes. This great feature can send two types of messages: A standard SMS message but also a direct display message that will be displayed immediately on the recipient's display without the need to go to the SMS inbox!


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