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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

QuickColor v1.1

QuickColor allows you to change system colors and Home Screen font color directly on your Smartphone. Find the right color for you.

Have you set new wallpaper and you can hardly read a word on your Home Screen? Are you bored with the default Color Scheme? Smartmadsoft QuickColor helps you. It allows you change and set the default system color and the color of font on your Home Screen. Quick color will edit any Home Screen or Color Scheme directly on your Smartphone. Try it and find your favorite color.
Updated QuickColor 1.1 now can change the color of selected item in Home Screen and can change the System color with disabled gradient (black color will be now true black).

Basic instructions (soon comes regular help with pictures).

* Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphone
* Windows Mobile 6 Standard

More information:

QuickColor (Windows Installer)
QuickColor (CAB)

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