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Saturday, November 21, 2009

PocketNotepad v5.2

To every Notepad fun, pocket version of Notepad is now available!

The concept of PocketNotepad is "To provide the same feature as Desktop Notepad does" or "Nothing added to the original Notepad". :-) That is, no toolbars, rebar bands, etc...

On the other hand, it does not provide several functions as it is becoming to its name. The eliminated functions are, for example, printing, drag&drop and so on.

Thus, in the case you do not use Notepad on your desktop mainly, it is not considered as appropriate to use PocketNotepad heavily on your Windows Mobile device. It is thought as appropriate to use PocketNotepad for viewing text files, for taking short memo, for a buffer in cutting and pasting.

While, in the case you are a heavy user of desktop Notepad, PocketNotepad would be the most preferable editor on your Windows Mobile device. It's small, light, cute and simple. PocketNotepad does not require MFC dll. It's really small!

PocketNotepad for Smartphone aka Windows Mobile Standard

Smartphone version has almost the same functionality as the other Windows Mobile versions, including the following:

* Open/Save any text format files with or without .txt extension through tGetFile.dll file dialog.
* Cut/Copy/Paste function via standard Windows Mobile clipboard.
* Select function to select a region without stylus.
* Find/Find Next to find target word(s). Find Next soft key stays for a while, so that, finding the next same word(s) is extremely easy.
* Time/Date function which insert the current time and date.
* Journal function which can be enabled by putting .LOG on the very beginning of a file.
* Word Wrap view style can be turned on or off.
* Set Font to change font and its size used by PocketNotepad.

Please note that it is necessary to install tGetFile.dll (freeware) to open files, for Smartphone version of PocketNotepad.


5.2 2009.11.14 False device type recognition has been resolved
* False device type recognition, that is, PocketNotepad falsely recognized Windows Mobile devices as old Handheld PC devices under certain conditions, which was introduced in Ver 5.0, has been resolved. Caused by this false recognition, PocketNotepad had several problems, for example, it could execute multiple instances and it could not retain unsaved texts when it was closed by a task manager.

5.1 2009.11.2 File size restriction has been brought back
* I brought back the file size restriction because of a bug found in Microsoft Edit Control.
* I fixed a problem observed in "Save As" function. Sometimes, an entered name was used without "txt" extension.
* Installers for English and Japanese languages are combined into one.

5.0 2009.9.25 File size restriction has been removed
* File size restriction has been removed. You can open any size of text files now. The file size is limited only by the amount of memory your device has.
* VGA and larger resolutions have been fully supported.
* Icons with sizes 44x44 and 22x22 have been added which are mainly used by Windows Mobile Standard devices.
* PocketNotepad now executes only a single instance. It executed multiple instances on QVGA landscape Windows Mobile Standard devices.
* Menus have been rearranged in order not to scroll when used with QVGA landscape Windows Mobile Standard devices.
* Dialog boxes have been rearranged for QVGA landscape Windows Mobile Standard devices.

4.0 2006.1.30 Compatibility with Windows Mobile 5 improved
* Compatibility with Windows Mobile 5 has been improved. Especially, updated version supports Windows Mobile 5 softkeys.
* Optional close button on the upper right corner of main window has been added for Windows Mobile 5.
* New online help topics for Font Settings and Settings in About page have been added.

3.4 2004.10.5 Improved compatibility with WM2003SE PPC VGA Screen
* PocketNotepad has improved compatibility with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC VGA Screen.
* Bold option has been added in font settings.

3.3 2003.9.8 Journal function fixed
* Journal function with leading .LOG at the very beginning of a document did not work correctly with Pocket PC 2003. This problem has been fixed.

3.2 2003.6.10 ActiveSync 3.7 problem fixed, etc
* H/PC version was installed to Pocket PC device, in the case ActiveSync 3.7 was used. This problem has been fixed.
* "Save As" could not save a new file on a Windows CE 4.1 device. This problem has been fixed.

3.1 2003.6.2 Smartphone support, etc
* Smartphone version has been added.
* Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Q have been added to the keyboard accelerator list.
* A few other minor fixes have been made.

3.0 2002.3.25 Journal function added, etc
* Journal function has been added.
* Program icon has changed.
* 32 dot window icon has been added.
* Menu contents have been rearranged.
* Palm-size PC version has retired.
* Online help has been added.
* PC setup has been added.

2.1 2001.1.31 A minor problem on jornada (H/PC) fixed
* PocketNotepad window was hidden by a taskbar when it executed on jornada 680/720. The problem was introduced in v2.0.

2.0 2001.1.15 Font settings added, etc
* Font setting menu has been added.
* Context menu has been added. Tap&hold will raise the menu for Pocket PC version.
* Time/Date insertion function added.
* Optional OK button has been added for Pocket PCs (Pocket PC only).
* Raise SIP panel when creating a new text document and so on (PsPC and Pocket PC only).
* Execute Pocket Word when target text file exceeds 28KB. Only Pocket PC version failed in executing it (Pocket PC only).
* A minor bug introduced in v1.6 around resume of editing has been fixed (PsPC and Pocket PC only).

1.6 2000.10.11 Word Wrap setting now stays
* Word Wrap setting stays the same as the last execution.
* Overwrite warning doubly appeared when `Save As' action was made against an existing file on Pocket PC. This was fixed.

1.5 2000.10.2 16 dot icon design changed
* The design of 16 dot icon was changed.
* The way to follow SIP for both PsPC and Pocket PC was changed.
* Hotkey support for hardware button was added for PsPC and Pocket PC. Hold the assigned button will create a new text document.

1.4 2000.7.25 Pocket PC support, etc
* Pocket PC version has been added.
* PocketNotepad now follows to the system color change correctly.

1.3 2000.3.22 SH3 support for PsPC, etc
* SH3 support for PsPC has been added.
* Key shortcuts have been removed from PsPC menu.

1.2 1999.12.22 Default font changed
* Default font has changed from fixed-pitch one to system default pitch one. The default font size has changed also.

1.1 1999.12.3 A fix on "SaveAs" with PsPC
* A problem in "SaveAs" with PsPC has been fixed. A period was added to the file name.

1.0 1999.11.24 The first version

* Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone
* Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard

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