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Monday, October 19, 2009

UCee WM6 Standard 0.7.0004

UCee is a software that connects two computers or smartphones together even when they are on separate private networks.

The computers/smartphones communicate directly using peer-to-peer streaming technology; the data are never transfered to a server.

Three applications are available:
* Surveillance cameras - Watch surveillance video from remote PC's or smartphones. Intrusion detection powered by computer vision alerts you when intrusions are detected.
* Internet TV - Stream contents to your customers. Set up program broadcast schedules. Users can also find your programs by searchable key words.
* Phone-to-PC - Retrieve documents or stream media contents from your PC to a smartphone or remote PC.

UCEE for Windows Mobile:
* Download UCee.
* Select Save when prompted.
* Copy the saved CAB file to your phone after the download is completed.
* Click the CAB file to run setup.
* After UCee setup is completed, Select UCee from Start button or Programs list.
* If you have not created a user name, you will be asked to create one before the programs start.
* You can also point your phone's browser to UCee to download the CAB directly,

* Windows Mobile 6 Standard
* Register at UCee

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