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Thursday, October 8, 2009

CeRegEditor v0.0.5.2

The CeRegEditor is a registry editor for any device (PDA) based on WindowsCE, PocketPC2003 and WindowsMobile(WM5, WM6) system.

It runs on desktop PC but operates on a mobile device.
With this feature user is able to user a normal keyboard, mouse and big - even 21' PC's monitor :)

Main features:
* Create/edit XML files (privisioning) - new!!!
* Navigate and edit(create) registry keys/values
* Fast search
* Export/import keys in REG format
* Management of favourites keys in registry
* "Image" of registry with compare and restore service
* Offline mode - create, edit files as regular device registry
* Support for HV files edition!

The application is free for private and commercial use.

Updates history

version, 2009.09.19
Added regular expressions in search function
REG to CAB conversion, fixed long values support

version, 2009.06.14
REG to CAB conversion bug fixed - files path were saved incorrectly

version, 2009.06.03
Added support for XML (privisioning) files - create/edit/compare
XML (provisioning) files can be applied to the connected device
Application trys to interpret BINNARY values as date and time;
There are some places in the registry, where date/time is saved as binnary data;
e.g. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ActiveSync\Partners\...\LastSyncAttempt
Support for REG/RGU is 100% rewritten and redesigned
Keys with minus sign at the beginning, in REG/RGU files, are omitted now
Some minor bug fixes

version, 2008.02.12
Fixed bug while deleting key/tree in the file mode.
Fixed DEL key function in the search window. Previously, DEL key press was recognized as deletion of registry key.
Fixed key "comma" when entering data for registry value. Now, "comma" is never converted to "dot".

version, 2007.12.27
Added support for HV files! Now HV files, can be directly opened, edited and saved!

version, 2007.12.20
Some minor bug fixes in REG/RGU files operations.

version, 2007.12.12
Serious bug in backup engine fixed. Bug caused application hangs while backup procedure.

version, 2007.12.10
Added support for RGU files.
Added offline/file mode. In this mode, registry files, can be used as regular device registry. All functions (add,delete, search, etc.) are available.
Compatible files: REG, CEREG, RGU, CEIMG, CAB.
New conversion: REG->CAB.
More than one instance of the application can be run.
Completely rebuilded module for REG files handling. Now it supports ANSI, UNICODE, UNICODE bigendian, UTF8 coding.
Fixed ","(comma) key while typing REG_SZ data.
Many minor fixes.

version, 2007.09.14
Fix in CAB -> REG conversion.

version, 2007.09.13
Compare mode handles CAB and REG files. Now, it is possible to compare registry before CAB instalation. :)
Added conversion tool for CAB to REG conversion.
Fix in REG import procedure. In ASCII format, keys names were not recognized.
Fix in path save format in REG file. Added support for quoted filenames.

version, 2007.09.05
Export/import REG files option now handles UNICODE file format.
Changed header of REG file to REGEDIT4. Previously header string was incompatible with some registry tools .
Fixed path save format in REG file. Added workaround with backslash \\.

* Windows Mobile
* PC Desktop

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