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Friday, September 11, 2009

Speeed Reader v0.83 Build 3503

Speeed Reader is a Google Reader client for Windows Mobile devices.

It allows users to interact with their Google Reader accounts (view articles, share articles, etc.) in a more native method than using the mobile web-based version. Speeed Reader will be adding functions and features to make it a must-have Windows Mobile application.

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Release History

V0.83 – August 6, 2009
* Bug fix: Attempting to open articles in external browser (besides IE/Opera) resulted in a program crash
* Bug fix: Some characters now display correctly (ie. ;quot& is now “)
* Bug fix: Twitter panel shows wrong character count if you edit the Tweet
* Enhancement: Full Windows Mobile Standard support

V0.82 – July 23, 2009
* Bug fix: Application error when Google Reader account contains 0 unread articles

V0.81 – July 22, 2009
* Bug fix: Unable to open article in external browser while viewing the article using the internal browser
* Bug fix: Articles “kept unread” in Google Reader desktop will be marked as read in Speeed Reader
* Bug fix: Some users weren’t able to login even though their credentials were correct

V0.80 – July 20, 2009
* Share articles using your Twitter account
* Broadcast articles using the Google Reader Broadcast function
* Open articles in your default browser (recommended for Windows Mobile 6.5 users)
* Now view list of articles by page – this allows you to set the ‘Download Size’ higher than before – also you can download older articles for any given subscription
* Mark all of your articles as read, you can also just mark a tag, subscription, or article as read as well
* Settings are now stored in SpeeedReader.ini in the application program directory. Makes it easy to use the same settings across different devices
* Redesigned settings UI
* Additional performance enhancements, bug fixes, code simplification, and additional settings have been added

V0.71 – June 10, 2009
* Added auto-login capabilities, this option can be toggled at the login screen and in the settings
* Added the option to load the reading list at startup
* Renamed ‘Close’ to ‘Back’ (in the browser form)
* Resolved a crash involving empty subscription list, program will end gracefully J
* Code tightening and optimization

V0.70 – June 1, 2009
* New icon for program
* Icons by each tag, subscription, article displaying whether an item is read, unread, starred
* UI redesign (consolidation tabs into one)
* Touch scrolling in the browser
* Ability to star articles
* Ability to hide read articles
* Multi-language support
* Resolved issues with encoding (some characters did not display correctly)
* Resolved issues with QVGA devices

V0.60 May 20, 2009
* Fixed two crashes dealing with empty lists
* Fixed crash where closing login form using the corner X/Ok causes unpredictable program behavior
* Significant loading performance speed up
* Ability to view reading list for all tags (excludes ‘Untagged’ tagged since there is no official Google Reader tag for this)
* AppToDate Support – need to have AppToDate ( installed to use this feature

V0.50 - May 17, 2009
* Implemented Mirabyte Touch UI for finger friendly lists and scrolling
* Fixed bug where Google API token would expire preventing the application from marking articles as read after some time
* Fixed crashes where no network/internet access exist
* Fixed bug where an article marked as read on the home tab wasn’t marked read in the Tag tab
* Fixed issue with screen layout/sizing problems on devices with lower screen resolutions
* Fixed backwards scroll when scrolling through lists

V0.10 - April 25, 2009
* Initial Release

Future Features
* Article caching and offline modes
* Implementing more Google Reader desktop functionality (marking articles unread, sharing, emailing, etc.)
* Search
* Manipulating subscriptions (add/remove feeds)

Known Issues (to be fixed in future releases)
* Any changes made to subscriptions, tags, etc. in the desktop client will not be reflected in Speeed Reader unless you restart the application
* There is a memory leak in the internal web browser (.NET Compact Framework issue, out of my control). The internal browser will grab memory and not release it when using it to view articles. The problem is exacerbated even more if the article contains a lot of images. Please uncheck ‘Download Images’ to minimize this issue. You can also view articles in your default external browser to fully minimize this issue. Once Speeed Reader is closed, all memory is released back to the device however.
* Windows Mobile 6.5 users, the implementation of Pocket IE has changed, which negatively effects the intuitiveness of the internal web browser. Please use the external web browser. See settings for more info.
* Installing Speeed Reader to an SD card will prevent the application from running properly. Please install to your device memory. This issue is currently being researched.

* Windows Mobile Standard 5/6.0/6.1/6.5
* .NET Compact Framework v3.5

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Speeed Reader


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