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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FinchSync v0.80 d

FinchSync is a tool for synchronizing contacts, appointments and tasks from Mozilla email and calendar products with a Pocket PC or SmartPhone.

Contacts are synchronized with the email client's address book. The build-in applications of the Netscape- and Mozilla Application Suite are supported as well as the standalone Mozilla Thunderbird.

Events, Appointments and tasks are synchronized with Lightning, the Mozilla Calendar extension for the Mozilla Suite, Firefox and Netscape or the standalone Sunbird from Version 0.3 and higher (see HowTo section for detailed instructions about syncing with Sunbird).

Users have reported good results synchronizing with Rainlendar or Reminderfox.


The PC part of FinchSync is written in pure Java and runs on every platform supported by the Mozilla Project like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The Pocket PC part is written in C#, using the .NET Compact Framework. The application will run on all Pocket PCs with .NET installed – no need to worry about different processors and OS versions. All Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 2003 second edition or higher should have the .NET Compact Framework already installed.

ActiveSync is not needed (and not available for Mac OS or Linux anyway), but the Pocket PC must be able to connect to the PC via TCP/IP. This can be done using a WLAN connection for example. If this requirement is fulfilled, synchronization can be done from everywhere, even over the internet. The HTTP protocol is used for the communication between PC and Pocket PC. This should work even in firewall-protected environments.

FinchSync is designed to manage contacts, appointments and tasks from different sources and keeps them separated. This means, that private items synchronized at home will not be mixed up with items synchronized in your office.

FinchSync has a user-management. Different users may sync with different sources on your PC. Users may be restricted to read-only access. For example, a user may be allowed to sync with a companies' address book, but not to upload changes.

FinchSync Version history:
V 0.80 d (Server only)
* Fixed bug according adressbook files corruption.
* Improved backup strategy. Backups are now created before writing, not before reading datafiles.

V 0.80 c (Server & Client)
* Fix bug in adding category mappings.
* Some more bugfixes.

V 0.80 b (Server & Client)
* Added logging control to server.
* Some more bugfixes.

V 0.80 a (Server & Client)
* Added category mapping.
* Added alias names.
* Added 'no gui' option for the server.
* Added webinterface for the server.
* Faster contact processing on PocketPC
* More stable processing on the PocketPC, faulty items will not break the whole synchronization.
* Removed some bugs according to alarm settings of tasks.
* Improved compatibility with Rainlendar.

V 0.72 f (Server & Client)
* Fixed some bugs in Task synchronisation.
* Added a 'Scan Disk' button to the 'New Sync Source' wizzard to avoid automatic scanning as this may take very long on some Linux systems.
* Support for SmartPhones running Windows Mobile.

V 0.72 e (Server & Client)
* Task-priority is now synced.
* Improved parser for calendar and adressbook files.
* Added daylight saving workaround. (see FAQ topic nr. 7 for details.)
* Allday events now show correct end-date on Windows Mobile 2005
* Changed mapping from Thunderbird 'Title' to PocketPC 'JobTitle' (was 'Title' before).

V 0.72 d (Server only)
Fixed bug in Mozilla adressbook parser.

V 0.72 c (Server only)
Improved reading of Sunbird/Mozilla Calendar *.ics files:
* Ignoring those funny X-Components. (Boy, those Sunbird guys really now how to write non-standard files !!!)
* Parsing of multiple VCALENDAR elements from one file.

V 0.72 b (Server only)
* Fixed bug in reading Mozilla addressbooks.

V 0.72
* Fixed bug in reading *.ics Calendar files, if an e-mail Alarm is used. (The resulting *.ics file writen by Thunderbird is not valid according to the VCalendar specification and was rejected by FinchSync's parser. The bug will be fixed in upcoming Sunbird versions.)
* Fixed bug 'Unable to create snapshot' Exception, causing synchronization to fail. This happens on some Pocket PCs, when the closing of PIM applications fails. Now the synchronization will proceed without exception, but an entry to the log will be added. See FAQ topic nr. 5 for more details.
* Fixed bug 'Unresolved alias' Exception while reading adressbook files.
* Fixed bug, contact's pager number will now be synchronized.
* Fixed bug 'COM error' for invalid reminder settings in appoinments. See FAQ topic nr. 6 for more details.

V 0.71
* Fixed bug in communication between PocketPC and PC causing WebExceptions on the PocketPC side.
* Added logging for Server.

V 0.70
First public beta release.

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