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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Navizon Lite v3.5.2.8

Navizon is a software for mobile devices (Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian) some Java phones, and for laptop computers (PC or Mac), that will display your location on a map and help you find stuff around you.

Navizon comes with some cool features such as, MobiFindr (Locate-by-SMS), Groups, Buddy Finder, Location based Alerts, Trail Logging, and of course, Local search.

* Not all features are available on every platform...YET, for information on a specific feature, look at that feature's page.
* The Lite version is free for personal use only (a 15 day trial of the Premium version is included).
* For commercial usage, please use the Premium version.

What does Navizon do

Buddy Finder
See your Buddies' current Geographic location, and share your location with your friends whenever you want

Create or join groups based on your needs or interests.

* Send a Text message to a phone with Navizon, and receive an SMS response with the Phone's location.
* Phone automatically responds with address.
* Watch a video of Navizon's Mobifindr in action.

Local Search
* See your location on the map
* Search for pretty much anything, right around where you are.

My Trail
* Keep track of where you've been, using GPS, Phone, and WiFi positioning.
* Information is only available to you
* Export to Google Earth or .CSV

Navizon Alerts
* Set an event to trigger every time you or a buddy of your enters a designated location on the map.
* Be notified when you kids get to school, or your relatives get to the airport.

Mapping The Landscape
If you want to help Navizon continue to grow, and make a little money in the process.

* Use your GPS enabled device to map the world for other users.
* Earn Points for each mapped item
* Redeem points for cash

* Smartphone Windows Mobile
* GPS (optional)

More information:
Navigon Lite


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