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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Skydeck 2.11

Skydeck is your cell phone, online. All of your contacts, calls and text messages are synced to and you can search and reply to your messages from Skydeck as if it were your cell phone.


Dynamic Address Book
* Sync to the web: all your cell phone contacts are backed up online and changes are automatically updated.
* Sync to your friends: request contact updates from your friends and let them edit your phone address book directly. (If your friends use Skydeck too you get updated automatically when their contact information changes.)
* Smart sorting: Skydeck learns who is important to you and ranks them first.
* Smart lookup: new numbers get turned into names and added to your address book automatically.

Search, Send, and Receive Texts Online
* Text online: get all your texts online, even when you leave your phone at home.
* Reply from the web: use your full-size keyboard to reply when you are at your PC.
* Backup: save all your messages online in case you lose your phone.
* Search your texts: find a name or number that someone texted to you a year ago.

Manage Your Phone Calls The Way You Manage Email
* Never forget a call: keep track of every conversation and add notes and tags.
* No more mystery numbers: Skydeck looks up new phone numbers for you.
* Find out whom you need to call next and who never calls you back.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6
* Register to Skydeck

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