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Saturday, May 30, 2009

MDict v3.0 Final Released

MDict is a multi-language dictionary under WinCE for PDAs, it dosen't provide dictionary data itself, but use libraries built by user.

* Totally free for non-commercial personal use!
* Multi-library support
* Multi-language support
* Online translation
* Built in Simplfied/Traditional Chinese conversion
* Supports PPC/HPC/Smartphone

What's New

MDict 3.0 Final Released:

1. New MDict format support(Support source file larger then 4G, and speed up loading)
2. Library management
3. Dictioanry Union(Look up multiple dictionaries at the same time)
4. Keyword fuzzy search
5. Full text search
6. Support image displaying/hyper link in page/multi-language GUI in PC version
7. Support dictioanry files larger then 2G Bytes
8. Built-in finger guesture for page scroll up/down
9. Large button mode, for easier finger operation(PPC/HPC)
10. Auto lookup highlighted text, you can turn this off in option dialog(PC/PPC/HPC)
11. Can play pronunciation of selected text, conflict with "Auto lookup highlighted text".(PPC/HPC/PC)
12. Include "Doulos SIL" and "KSPhonetic" fonts in installation package
13. Support multiple audio libraries. Put all audio libraries into MDict\AudioLib, or set the audio library directory in option dialog.
14. Add reference support, put any mdx file into MDict\ReferenceLib and enable View->Show Reference, if current keyword matched any entry in reference library, the content of first of them will be displayed too
15. Add Polish translation
16. Add internal redirect support
17. Add text font selection
18. Fix: Can't input Asia characters
19. Fix some translation problem, and add Polish translation
20. Fix: Can't quit library manager under smartphone 2003
21. Fix: Duplicate contents under in union-library.
22. Fix: In smartphone, If you put the program to background when you open a dialog, and activate it by running

MDict 3.0 Beta2 Released:

Major changes:
1. New MDict format support(Support source file larger then 4G, and speed up loading
2. Library management
3. Dictioanry Union(Look up multiple dictionaries at the same time)
4. Keyword fuzzy search
5. Full text search
6. Support image displaying/hyper link in page/multi-language GUI in PC version
7. Support dictioanry files larger then 2G Bytes
8. Built-in finger guesture for page scroll up/down

1. New option: Auto lookup in split view mode
2. New option: Auto show/hide soft input panel
3. New option: Auto adjust library menu order by usage
4. New option: Use alpha instead of digit for libray menu shortcut key
5. New option: Put current entry in middle of keyword list
6. Enhance support for PPC with keyboards
7. Auto import library from "Library" sub-directory of MDict program directory when library list is empty.
8. Auto use Sound.mdd in "Library" sub-directory of MDict program directory as audio library.(When it exists)
9. Add "Copy all to Clipboard" function, copy current content to clipboard
10. Text/Background Color setting
11. Adjust menu structure
12. When not using "Softkey menu" in PPC version, the left soft key can be used for "Audio play" function
13. in PPC/HPC/PC version, UP/DOWN arrow key function change to "PageUP/PageDown"
14. Some bugfix

1. Look up multiple dictionaries at the same time is implmented by setting the dictionary group to "Union" in "Library management"
2. Because lookup multiple dictionary in the same time, so if there too many dictionaries in the same "Union" group, it may slow down the lookup speed.And Fuzzy keyword search/Full Text search are not supported in "Union" group. And you can't scroll the entry list in too.
2. If you set the background color, the screen may blink when displaying contents, no solution by far.

1. Create a sub-directory "Library" under MDict program directory, and put all your dictionary files into it with sub-directory as grouping. MDict will auto import this directory during startup when library list is empty.
2. If you have audio library, you may name it "Sound.mdd" and put it in the "Library" sub-directory. MDict will use it automatically.

MDict 2.5 Released!

New Features:
* Support external audio library
* Multi-language interface
* Support WM5 softkey menu
* Improve online lookup popup window
* Support refrence of .css file. (WM2005 and above only)
* Support reference of audio playing in content
* Improve online word pickup
* Save lookup content in UTF-8 encoding
* Improve to-lower case function
* Some bugfixes.

MDict 2.4 For HPC/PPC2000/SP2002 version released!

MDict 2.4 Released! (For WM2003 and above)

In this release, there will be packages for WM2003 and above OS and for old OS. Packages for HPCPro/HPC2000/PPC2000/PPC2002/Smartphone2002 will be released later.
New features:
* Set input focus to input panel when the current input can't be found.
* Beautify GUI
* Add manual
* Use popup window in lookuping in the document window, when the online lookup library is diffrent from current open library.
* When the focus is in document window, press any alpha key can set input focus to input panel. (Smartphone version)
* In split mode, display lookup result when inputing.
* List all entries when current input is empty.
* Improve successful rate when pickup words from other program.
* Support same-page link following
* Support embeded sound file(BGSOUND tag in html)
* Internal optimization

Bug fixes:
* If there is a escaping squence in the link, skip chinese conversion of the link.
* Fix incorrect clearing of input text when press back key in smartphone version.
* Fix incorrect layout when rotating screen.
* Fix unwanted alarm when press Enter.
* Fix incorrect link following under some situation.

MDict 2.3 Released!

New Features:
* Add Chinese line wrap fix option for non-Chinese OS
* Add free font resource on exit option
* View related settings are now library depends and will be stored when switch libraries. Option dialog has been redesigned for this change.
* Change the behavior of lookup history to be IE browser alike.
* Re-arrange the menu of smartphone version
* Add "Save Lookup Content" function to smartphone version.
* Support "Right to left" language(Need new MdxBuilder program)

* Fix URL encoded link not working
* Fix links in UTF-16 encoded library not working
* Fix resource was released uncorrectly
* Fix characters in input box can't be fully displayed in some platform
* Remove the alarm sound when enter key was pressed in smartphone version.
* Fix empty word list was displayed when look up some keywords.
* Fix image can't be displayed when it's file name contains '0'
* Fix option dialog lack of "Show Keyword" in HPC
* Press enter can switch focus from input/view even the input box is empty
* Fix "Enter key not working when press 'Back' after 'Home'"

MDict 2.2 Released!

New features:
a) To easy the keyboard input: when watching the lookup content, any keyboard input will switch the focus to input edit box(For HPC/PPC only)
b) Now you can add more then 12 libraries to the Library menu list
c) Support Chinese conversion for Unicode encoding library
d) Support open library in command line argument
e) Add "-n" option in command line argument to start a new instance
f) Remove the ".mdx" extension in library menu list
g) Now support embedded image (Need new MdxBuilder)
h) Support lookup in the popup window
i) Smartphone keyboard control changed:
when lookup keyword: left/right arrow key can control the input cursor, up/down arrow key can scroll the keyword list
when watching lookup content: Arrow key to control content window scrolling.
Keyboard shortcut:
1,3: History previous/next
2,8: Screen pageup/pagedown
4,6: Previous/Next
5: select next link(Simulate Tab key)
7,9: Home/End

Bug fixed:
a) Fix word pickup under PIE in WM5
b) Fix window size won't auto adjusted when rotating screen
c) To avoid confliction with other program, disable hardware button word pickup by default.
d) Double click on the title of popup window can switch to the main window even can't find pick up word
e) Fix input box two small for QVGA smartphone.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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