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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LocateA v1.01

LocateA latest software turns your Java enabled mobile phone, or your PDA Mobile Phone running Windows in to a personal real time tracking solution, which allows you to track people, employees, lone field workers or children etc, and the good news is it's free.

* real time tracking
* GPRS 2 way messages / communication
* SMS / Email geoFence alerts
* reverse geo-coding to street / postcode
* stores up to 42000 previous history tracks
* full history searching
* daily reports with graphs / distance traveled / top speed etc
* traffic alerts
* simple software download & setup, be on the map in minutes!

What are the requirements to run the Windows Smart Phone version?
* Your phone should have built in GPS or you need an external Bluetooth GPS receiver
* You phone should have Bluetooth
* In most cases to use this software you would not be able to 'Tap' the screen to access the menus on the phone, you would use the key pad on the phone, however with the very latest phones you can do both.

Once you have all the above requirements, follow the steps below.
* Register an account at, wait for the email to arrive and click the activation link in the email.
* Log in to using the user name & password you just registered, but do this on your desktop PC, not your mobile.
* You should be presented with a screen asking you to add your first user, in this case this will be you. The first question asks you which map you want to appear on via a drop down list, click the list and choose one of the maps. Do not worry if you can not find a map that suits you, to test the application list yourself in UK > People.
* Complete the form fields marked *, you can put anything in the boxes, only you see this information because it is your profile.
* Press 'submit'.
* You should now be looking at a page called My Users, which is a short summery of the information you have just submitted. At the moment we are only interested in the LIVE column, which should be a red cross like this []. This tells us that the person you are tracking is not showing on the map yet. When its a green tick [ ] you know your mobile is sending data to our servers and you are showing on the map, but before this can happen we need to set up your mobile phone to send its position to our servers.

Now we come back to the mobile phone software.
* Tap the start menu in the top left corner of your device to bring up the menu, then tap ' File Explorer ', right at the bottom of the screen you should see 2 options, [ Up ] and [ Menu ]. Keep tapping [ Up ] until it goes gray in colour and you cannot tap it anymore.
* Tap [ My Documents ]
* Tap [ Menu ] at the bottom right of the screen
* Tap [ New Folder ]
* Delete the word [ New Folder ] and replace it with [ LocateA ]
* Connect your Smart Phone to the PC with the Cable it came with, this should auto-start ActiveSync
* Copy the .CAB file from your desktop PC to the folder you just made on your mobile device. [ i.e. My Documents/LocateA ]
* Surf to the folder LocateA you just made in My Documents and tap the .CAB file [ the only file in the list ]
* The software should auto-install on your device
* To run the software tap Start > Programs on the mobile phone, you should see a list of icons, find the LocateA icon and tap it.
* Tap Menu > Server > Login
* Enter the ID number you see on the My Users page on your desktop PC.
* Enter the PIN number you see on the My Users page on your desktop PC.
* these two values are important, DO NOT use the username & password you registered for LocateA
* Select 'OK'
* The software should say 'connecting' and return you to the main LocateA screen

Pair the mobile phone with the Bluetooth GPS receiver
* On your device, tap the Start Menu
* Tap [ Settings ]
* Tap [ Connections ] at the bottom of the screen
* Tap [ Bluetooth ]
* You should see 2 'tick boxes'
* [ ] Turn on Bluetooth
* [ ] Make this device discoverable to other devices
* Tick both boxes
* Tap [ Devices ] at the bottom of the screen
* Tap [ New Partnership ]
* Your device should start scanning for Bluetooth devices that are in range, at this point make sure your Bluetooth GPS Receiver is switched on.
* Tap [ BT GPS ] or [ GPS ] to make it ' gray ' (names might differ depending on your make / model of your GPS Receiver)
* Tap [ Next ] Bottom right of the screen
* You may be asked to enter a 'Passkey', this is quite normal for Bluetooth devices, if you have no idea what the key is, it is probably 0000 or 1111.
* Enter the Passkey and Tap [ Next ]
* You should now see a screen that says ' Partnership Settings '
* Where it says ' Select services to use from this device '
* Tick the box that says ' Serial Port ' [ Very Important! ]
* Tap [ Finish ] Bottom right of screen.
* You now need to set up a 'COM' port for the GPS to use.
* Tap [ COM Ports ]
* Tap [ New Outgoing Port ]
* Tap [ BT GPS ] or [ GPS ]
* Tap [ Next ] Bottom right of screen
* Change the Port to COM 7 or if this is not available, use any port but make a note of the port number!
* Un-Tick the [ Secure Connection Box ]
* Tap [ Finish ] Bottom right of screen
* That's it!, you have now set up your mobile device to talk with the GPS Receiver over Bluetooth.
* Tap [ OK ] Top right of screen
* Tap [ X ] Top right of screen

If your mobile phone has built in GPS, follow these points.
* In the Start > Settings > System > GPS menu:
* 1) under Programs tab: GPS program port = COM4
* 2) under Hardware tab: GPS hardware port = (None) and baud rate = 4800
* 3) under Access tab: Manage GPS automatically is selected
* Then in Start > Programs > LocateA, set the Settings > GPS > Port to COM4 and the baud rate to 9600.
* Wait a few minutes and then go back to the My Users page on your desktop PC, refresh the screen by pressing F5 on your keyboard or click the 'refresh this page' link.

If your mobile phone is using a Bluetooth GPS receiver, follow these points.
* On the main screen, the first thing to do is Tap [ Settings > GPS > Port ]
* If the ' Serial Port ' does not say [ COM7 ], change it so it does or change it to the port you made a note of above!
* Leave the [ Baud rate ] set at 9600
* Tap [ OK ] Top right corner
* If everything is working ok, you should be taken back to the main screen, with a message such as this.
* ' Server: OK '
* ' GPS Fix: OK '
* If you see this, you are on the map!
* Wait a few minutes and then go back to the My Users page on your desktop PC, refresh the screen by pressing F5 on your keyboard or click the 'refresh this page' link.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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