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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CellProfileSwitcher v2.26 Beta 4

With CellProfileSwitcher, you can use the information about the mobile cell your phone uses to do some work for you. For example, your phone can automatically silent itself when you get to work.

* Change profile
* Change Bluetooth status
* Execute a program
* Vibrate (short for entering the cell, long for leaving it)
* Change the home screen
* Show a message
* Play a wave sound
* Change the phone's wave volume
* Notify Automatic Keylock (which must be installed separately)
* Switch Wifi (Wifi-enabled WM5 phones only)
* Enable flight mode


version 2.26 Beta 4:
* Fixed group logon settings incorrectly overwriting restore settings when entering a cell again after signal loss
* Fixed profile sometimes not being switched on logon after restore or logoff from another group.

version 2.25:
* Added generic RIL cell data retrieval backend, which allows every device that has a properly implemented RIL proxy DLL to use CPS. Unfortunately, some vendors (like Asus) don't implement RIL in their phones.
* Added compatibility for the Ipaq 514 firmware 2.x.
* Improved text file logging.
* Changed naming scheme of log files (now: cps-motion-MM-YYYY)
* Fixed scroll ability of "Learn cells" dialog.
* Completely overhauled XML logging. Previously, the XML was filled with a lot of redundant data (oldcell/newcell tags). Now, one cellchange tag only contains a time, a cell and a group entry.
Additionally, group and cell names are now escaped properly.
* A bunch of minor fixes.

version 2.2:
* Call forwarding can be set depending on cell changes
* The previous cell data is now available to the homescreen plugin. ( / and so on)
* There now is a timeout for cell learning.
* You now can play a wave file when losing / regaining signal coverage.
* The cells of a deleted group can now be (optionally) be deleted immediately instead of moving them to "Unassigned".
* The used GSM band can show be shown in the near cells dialog.
* There now is supported for all known Tornado and StarTrk ROMs as well as the HTC Excalibur.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6

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