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Monday, February 23, 2009

MobilMine v1.0

MobilMine is software for backing up contacts on a Windows Mobile device.

Contacts Backup
Protect your contacts from a software crash or a lost phone. MobilMine can put your mind at ease by automatically backing up your contacts using a personal email account.
Automatic, Over the Air
Set a daily, weekly or monthly time at which all your contacts are collected and then sent to an email account. You can select the exact time of day for the backup to performed automatically or manually back-up contacts at any time. In the case that your contacts are lost or corrupted, simply import the latest contacts file using MobilMine.
Your information is stored where you want it, when you want it – not on some web server or social-networking website. MobilMine simply creates a file that is emailed to any account you wish.
Synchronization can be really helpful but also can accidentally erase contacts when the software is uninstalled or when you make a mistake on one end of the sync. With MobilMine, your contacts are in a separate file and ready for use in a pinch.
Contacts Migration
When upgrading to a new phone, simply install MobilMine and import your contacts.
Contact Sharing
You can add multiple email recipients to receive periodic contact backups. Anyone can import the contacts file using MobilMine and the contacts are merged with existing contacts. This is a great way to bring your friends and family together and keep a common directory of contacts.
Contact Monitoring
For those parents or loved ones that might like to keep an eye on the contacts list, you can receive periodic updates of the contact list from another phone.
No Recurring Fee
Seriously, there is no ongoing fee other than what you pay your carrier for email.
Open and Compatible
# Works with any email accounts setup in Windows Mobile Messaging.
# Works with all Windows Mobile versions.
# Does not require Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6
* .NET Compact Framework v2.0
* Data plan/Internet connection with mobile provider

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