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Friday, January 2, 2009


GSM-Tracker is a free and user supported, mobile location service.
GSM-Tracker can help you locate your current geographical location using your mobile phone. Also, you can use additional services, such as finding friends, points of interest, etc.

How do I sign-up and start using this service?
Download the GSM-Tracker client and install it on your phone.
Select Options -> Locate me! from the menu, to find your location.
If the location is known, you will be presented with information on your current location. If it's a new (unknown) location, you will be asked to choose a nickname and register, to be able to name and describe the location.

How to use GSM-Tracker
First, please remember that this is a community project. The quality and reliability of the service depends on you.

When you select the Locate me function, GSM-Tracker will attempt to find your location in our database, based on information received from your mobile handset.
If it can't, then it means you have found a new Area!

You can be the first to name the Area. We usually recommend that you name the area, by the city/location you are currently in.
Within an Area, there can be several cells. Please name the cells by the biggest street or any reference point in that location. For example, there can be a big shopping mall, a highway, or other important place there.

When describing the location (cell) please provide usefull information if possible. This can help other users locate a restaurant, gas-station, etc.
If you use a 3G network, please also specify the name of the city in the cell name, as we have been informed that 3G areas cover more then one city, as opposed to GSM networks.

Please DO NOT do any of the following :
- name any areas/cells, based on your personal interests, such as : home, work, etc. It is usefull or you, but not for other users of this software. In the future we will allow (in a separate way) to use such names for your personal use. But for the moment, remember that you are not the only one using this service.
- do not advertise, use trivial language, or anything else that can be harmfull for others.
We will offer a feature where you can let people know about your business in an area, but in a friendly manner.

We regularly screen our database. Users found to repeatedly attempt to abuse our service, will be permanently banned from using our service. Permanently means, that you will never be able to use your phone with our service. We don't remove ban's under no excuse. However, we do hope that this is something we will never have to use.

Finally, we wish to thank you for contributing to a service, that will once be able to change our lives, help us, and make our lives easier and safer.

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