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Saturday, December 27, 2008

SBSH Sports Icon Store v1.0

Sports Icon Store is a set of new icon store icons designed for use with SBSH applications.

After installing the Sports Icon Store package on your device you will find the new icons available for use when assigning icons to your categories using SBSH Calendar.

Sports Icon Store contains 15 professionally designed sport related icons. Sports Icon Store package was especially designed to meet your every day needs for sport related categories, appointments and tasks when managing your agenda with SBSH Calendar! All package icons are based on PNG format to achieve the best display results.

Among Sports Icon Store package you will find icons for: basketball, football, golf, hockey, baseball, soccer and more!

Sports Icon Store is available for free download and designed for use with our SBSH Calendar.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile
* SBSH Calendar

More information:
SBSH Sports Icon Store


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