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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ETcl v1.0.0 (Evolane's distribution of Tcl/Tk)

ETcl is a Tcl/Tk distribution as a single standalone executable, with support for many different architectures (Linux, Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile 2003 or better, ...).

Distribution for each supported platform consists in a standalone single executable, which includes not only a complete Tcl/Tk system, but also several popular extensions (Pixane image handling, Thread, ZIP virtual filesystem, ...).

For Windows Mobile, cabinet files and win32 installer contain the standard version. Overwrite executable with one from the ZIP archive if necessary. For information, compact, standard and full executables for Windows Mobile are respectively 1.8MB, 2.6MB and 4.1MB large. They may also be compressed using UPX (the Ultimate Packer of eXecutables) to produce executables of only 850 kB, 1.25 MB and 2 MB respectively.

For embedded systems, three versions are available for download:
* compact version contains Tcl, Tk, support for Zip VFS, WCE (under Windows Mobile), shape (non rectangular windows), UDP, and Latin encodings
* standard version adds supports for Tile, backports for dict and new clock from Tcl 8.5, Pixane (including JPEG, PNG, and FreeType support), Sqlite3, TreeCtrl and Tkhtml
* full version is the battery-included version, with all encodings embedded into virtual filesystem, and support for additional popular Tcl (Tls, TclXML) and Tk (TkTable, Scene) extensions. The scene extension, a 3D widget using OpenGL for rendering which is supported on all desktop platforms, is not available on Windows Mobile platform. However, a port, using OpenGL-ES 1.1 is under development, and will be added to the full version when completed.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

More information:

* Standard version
* Compact version
* Full version

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