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Monday, November 17, 2008

NRG MiniWeather v1.2

Chome Weather plugin

- Autoupdate according to Yahoo servers' time + 10 minutes + 1-5 random minutes (so we don't all hit the server at the same exact times)
- Update in 15 minutes when no connection is found.
- First forecast day info comes from Yahoo... the rest from
- Verbose status information as the script is running.
- Minimal set of icons to save space.
- Detailed Forecast panels can be turned off in "Advanced Options"
- Application will not automatically refresh the screen while the phone's keypad is locked.
- Built-in leftover notifications removal tool, in case you want to uninstall. See "advanced options".


1.2 Release
- Twice as fast current forecast download.
- Only one layout supported.
- Revised layout and removed the monitor, for now.
- Blue / black backgrounds behind the temp and hi low indicators, actually follow the official sunrise/sunset of the location selected.

WARNING - Do NOT install to the storage card !

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

More information:
NRG MiniWeather


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