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Thursday, November 20, 2008

JZ SmartMort v1.4.3

JZ SmartMort is a simple productivity tool for any Windows Mobile user.

The software is my attempt to bridge the gap of missing features like:
* Copy / Paste
* Clipboard / URL history
* Multi-browser (Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris Browser, Internet Explorer)
* Make any installed browser system-level, where it opens links from anywhere. Ability to have a default browser (with a special timeout in case you want to open a link with a non-default browser).
* Hardware buttons - supports Pocket PCs & SmartPhones for advanced hardware button mapping.
* Opera Mini - shortcut on the Start Menu, different paste & URL handling methods to accommodate different phones.
* JBed - create Start Menu shortcuts for any JBed app, run JBed App directly using JZ SmartMort, troubleshoot your JBed installation.
* Ability to open synced Mobile Favorites with any browser, process killing and many other interesting features.
* Includes general tweaks and hacks which will keep growing

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0
* MortScript

More information:
JZ SmartMort


The CAB is large because it includes 2 versions of MortScript inside (PPC & SmartPhone). My CAB will detect if MortScript is installed, if not, it will install the appropriate version. Once the correct version is installed, it will delete ALL of the un-needed content and save about 400KB of space.

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