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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NRG Monitor 1.0 addon for NRG MiniWeather

With this, you'll be able to monitor your battery level, RAM and diskspace available.

You have to have miniweather installed, to use this cab.

This will update every minute. You can update manually by going down to the settings panel, slide over to battery and use the right softkey to "Update Monitor". Remember, you have to open up an application and close it to see any changes to the monitor panel. The easiest way would be to press the green key to open up the Phone window, then press Home again to go back to the screen. That will refresh the info on the panel


After you install this cab, go to weather options, layouts and switch to one of the monitor layouts, in order to see the monitor

- Added options to turn off bluetooth below a battery level of 30% or so.
- Automatic RAM reclaiming (similar to Celetask's "free memory", or STK's "hibernation") when RAM drops below 40%.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

More information:
NRG Monitor


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