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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SmartCards v1.0

Flashcards are scientifically proven one of the best ways to learn. SmartCards minimizes the time required for learning. Increase your knowledge wherever and whenever you want!

SmartCards is based upon an improved system based on the work of psychologist Dr. Sebastian Leitner. This system takes into account the "forgetting curve" of our brain. It will show flashcards just at the right time for optimizing the learning process.

SmartCards and a SmartPhone are an optimal pair to learn 'mobile' and effectively.

Here are some of the highlights:
* it's free
* considers the 'learning curve' of our brain
* available for Windows Mobile SmartPhones without Touch-Screen
* four different ways to learn
* phonetic transcriptions
* integrated statistics
* additional databases for different languages are available
* synchronizing of data on SmartPhone with PrismaCards on PC
* create your own databases with PrismaCards

* Smartphone Windows Mobile (without Touch-Screen)

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