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Friday, September 5, 2008

Mothiva mDiamondz

Collect as many diamonds as possible in two logical games!

KikerZz - this game is similar to popular Clickmania or Jawbreaker. The goal is collect always a minimum of 2 diamonds so that you are able to clear the playing field totally in advance by using smart moves.

SwaperZz - When you play this game, mark and move a diamond to create a trio of diamonds of the same color located next to each other in any direction.

mDiamondz (Mothiva Diamondz) has colorful pixel-art graphics with visual effects, long time playing song and beautiful sounds. The game let You to choose one of following language: english, german, spain, french, italian, slovak, czech and hungarian.

* Smartphone WM 5.0
* Smartphone WM 6.0

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