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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Install Builder v0.6

Install Builder is a free standalone application that allow novice user to create setup cabinet for Pocket PC and Smart Phone.

Install Builder use a simple ini file to store project settings, you can use simple editor like notepad to edit the ini file.

The setup cabinet contain binary encoded and xml installation file plus all application files. It support two installation mode (ActiveSync --> PPC, PPC --> PPC). The setup cabinet can copy files, make shortcuts and add registry keys.

Install Builder generate the installation file (encoded&xml) directly, so it does not require CABWIZ.EXE, however it does require CABARC.exe (one of the file in MS Cabinet SDK) to create cabinet file, you can obtain it here.


Standalone application
Although Install Builder is below 200kb in size, you dont have to download any external application (except CABWIZ.EXE), other sharewares that does the same thing are usually over 2mb in size.

Create Installation Cabinet
Install Builder can create installation cabinet for Pocket PC and Smart Phone, providing file copy, shortcuts and registry support.

Easy to use
Install Builder use Inno-like Setup File (*.inno) to store settings, you can use notepad to edit this file.

CabArc.exe required, download here.
.Net Framework 2.0 required, download here.

More information:
Install Builder


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