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Friday, July 11, 2008

GPS Mission v0.90.3

GPS Mission is a next generation location based game. The world is your playground! Solve riddles, collect gold and trophies or build you own missions.

GPS Mission is a multiplayer online scavanger hunt game for GPS enabled devices. The whole world is the playground, just log in an collect gold! On many places there are Missions available, small adventures that are related to the region. Reach the checkpoints and solve the riddles out there.

If you want to create you own missions, you can use the Mission Designer Use your knowledge about your region and its local history to build up exciting missions. Publish the missions for the other users in the community and you will recieve gold if someone plays your mission.

Smartphone Windows Mobile with 240 x 320 screen resolution, internal or external gps, GPRS or 3G online connection

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