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Friday, June 13, 2008

monikker v1.1 for Smartphone

Use monikker to choose how your calls are announced on your friends phones, and on your phone.

monikker lets you choose or create 'Phonefaces' - multimedia ringtones comprising sound, image, animation or text - which announce phone calls you make or receive. Your calls to another monikker user will 'ring' on their phone with the Phoneface you chose. Their calls to you will 'ring' on your phone with the Phoneface they chose. Impress your friends. Irritate them. up to you !

Once you've chosen a monikker Phoneface, the monikker system takes care of everything else. You don't download anything to your phone other than the phone software, and you only do that one time. Choose from galleries of pre-made monikker ringtones or else upload your own pictures and sounds to and make your own You can have just one monikker Phoneface for everybody you call or special ones for special people you call. monikker phone program versions are available for Windows Mobile 5/6 phones and Nokia / Symbian phones. Even if your friends don't have the monikker phone program, you can use the monikker service to select or create Phonefaces and assign them to people who call you, and to change the ringtone on your phone to a multimedia Phoneface.

monikker Phonefaces are all server-side, so there is no need to download new ringtones or image files to your phone every time you feel like changing ringtones - the monikker website lets you do that in seconds. You can use your PC browser, or else access monikker mobile portal directly from the monikker phone program, so changing Phonefaces can be done anytime, anyplace. The monikker system has many technical features to minimise the amount of data transferred to mobile phones. All gallery Phonefaces are less than ~50kb. Pictures and sound files that you upload are automatically be resized to less than 50kb. The monikker service is currently in Beta, so trial it for free and give us your feedback!

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

More information:

Download .EXE
Download .CAB

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