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Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Codebreaker English - Mandarin

Codebreaker is the new mobile phone talking translator that instantly SPEAKS to you in Mandarin (English to Mandarin). Recommended by teachers.

The Codebreaker? is so much more than just another translator or dictionary. It is the fastest most effective talking phrase book and language teaching tool for Windows Mobile.

Custom language translation

The Codebreaker? team personally works one on one with professional translators, linguists and teachers from around the globe to provide current authentic text and voice translation.

Every language combination is custom built around the user’s native language designed to give a dynamic translation experience.

The Codebreaker? adheres to the correct grammar and syntax of both the user’s language and the language they are translating into.

Codebreaker Osmosis Learning?

The application is designed to teach you to speak and read other languages instantly in a natural way. The Codebreaker? harnesses your innate learning potential with its advanced technique Codebreaker Osmosis Learning?.

How to install the Codebreaker:
1.Click on the Codebreaker image and download the file to your computer.
2.Transfer file from your computer to your mobile device via usb cable or memory card.
3.To access the file on your mobile go to the “Start” menu then click “File explorer”. The file should download into your “My documents” folder.
4.Double click the file named Codebreaker. This will open the file and ask if you would like to install. Click yes.
5.Accept the terms and conditions and install the Codebreaker.
6.Once installed you will be able to access the Codebreaker in your “Program files” folder.
7.Please allow time for Codebreaker to load. Some phones are faster than others. The Codebreaker is a dynamic translator and many system files are loading during this stage.
8.We do hope you enjoy!

Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0

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