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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caisses v1.2

Caisses is a Sokoban clone that includes 500 levels and 14 different backgrounds and themes.

The original version of Caisses is Caisses DS, a Nintendo DS homebrew coded by Kukulcan.

In this game, you are a warehouse keeper, and your mission consists in arranging boxes by pushing them onto their designated locations...

Boxes can be pushed, but not pulled, and the controls are simple : either point to the spot to move to with the stylus, or use the directional pad !


- Added 10 000 levels of undo/redo !! Hope that'll be enough ;)
- Reworked the interface a little to have the undo/redo buttons fit on the screen
- Bigger exit button
- Fixed levels 104 and 130
- Code cleaning
- Raster can now be turned off !
- Now saves menu level !
- Added version number in case I update again someday ^^

- Restart button when ingame to avoid having to quit and come back (triggered by the softkeys on smartphone)
- Fixed minor glitch on the selection screen
- Added full DPAD support in the menu
- 240x320 smartphones can now play 100% !
- VGA-screen friendly !
- Updated source code

- Level 80 fixed !

- CPU optimizations
- Ram optimizations
- Support for WinCE GPS
- Added Check and Cross to show which games are finished and which ones aren't in the level selection screen...
- Optimized theme changing routine (you can just move around on the theme page, you don't need to click everywhere anymore)

- Initial release

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6
- Resolution: 240x320

More information:

Download ZIP
Download CAB

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