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Monday, April 21, 2008

Upvise Mobile Contacts

Manage your contacts from your web browser and get them automatically on your phone. Type in some contact information in your mobile when you meet someone, and it is automatically uploaded to your web account. With the Contacts app, your contacts are always in sync between your mobile and your web account.

* Automatic Contact Synchronization with your Upvise Web Account: All your contacts are synced between your mobile phone and your web account.
* Import Contacts from your phone's native address book directly into Upvise. (requires JSR 75 on Java phones)
* Import Contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo or Google Gmail on your computer with CSV file import
* New Contact: Enter the Home and Mobile phone, Email, Address, Company, Notes.
* Quick Contact Lookup: Browse the complete list of contacts and filter by typing the first few letters of the name.
* One click call : Simply click on the Call menu item to call the selected contact
* Groups: Create groups to organize your contacts by e.g. Family, Friends, Business, etc...
* Google maps integration: On your phone and on your web account, you can view your contact adress map with one click<. The map is optimized for your mbile phone./li>
* Skype integration: On your web account, you can call any contact via Skype
* Send email directly from your phone On your phone, you can directly write and send an email from the Upvise Mobile Contact, without any custom configuration or settings.

The mobile user story

Send a contact quickly from your desktop to your phone
“ I was sitting at my desk and had to leave within two minutes to meet someone. I was in a rush and needed to take the contact's mobile phone number and directions to the meeting place along with me. I logged on to Upvise on my desktop and in a few clicks copy-and-pasted the info into a new contact. And there it was on my mobile ”

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