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Friday, April 4, 2008

Mobile virtual phone book and mobile media sharing.

MyMobile360 is simple to use contact list driven mobile media sharing and communication tool designed for mobile phone users. Some of our key features are ability to:

1. Contact any person in the user Contact List by simply clicking on email, telephone, mobile phone, etc. With this service user will never have to worry about transfering its contact list information from his/her devices. Contact List information is always available to the user as long as user has the Internet Accessible Device.

2. Sync and create contacts list with your Outlook.

3. Upload medias in any format directly from a mobile phone and share those media instantaneously within your contact list over the web at

4. Create and share play list for any media formats and play directly from a mobile phone.

5. Access, view, and play any media belongs to your contact list users.

6. Create your own mobile phone home page (MyMM360 Home Plate) where you can insert simple HTML and YouTube like video tags.

7. Link your MySpace page or embed your YouTube video in your mobile phone homepage(MyMM360 Home Plate).

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6

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