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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

smsBackup v2.1

SMS backup for Windows Mobile. With this program, you can backup, restore and export all your messages (SMS, MMS, E-mail, etc.) which are stored in Messaging application.

* Message Backup manually or automatic
* Message Restore
* Message Export manually or automatic

Backup Messages:
You can Backup all your messages, or you can Backup manually selected messages. (In this case you can select one or more or all messages in a Treewiev item.)
With Automatic Backup function you can Backup your messages on every incoming SMS.

Restore Messages:
Normal Restore function restores the last state of your message store.
Extra Restore function restores all your messages (previously deleted messages as well) since last hard reset or smsBackup first installed.
You can keep your last state of your Message Store (All folders: inbox, outbox, drafts, sent items, and your personal folders too), and you can restore it everytime! So You can easily restore your messages right after hard reset.

Export Messages:
With this program, you can export all your messages (SMS, MMS, E-mail, etc.) into text files which are stored in Messaging application. The folders what used in your Messaging application will appear as directories. After exporting your important datas you can easily zip, copy or whatever you want to do with your exported material.
Exported data: From, To, Subject, Message body, Message size, Attachments, Delivery time, Last modification time, and MMS .dat file.

You can use your Storage Card as output directory, so you will never loose your Messages again!

Simply download and run

- Smartphone WM 5.0
- Smartphone WM 6.0

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tobbbie said...

Just downloaded and tested the app on a WM5 smartphone (O2 XDA phone - a HTC Tornado derivative), but it does not work (seems to, but you cannot select items - and a few other errors) - even worse - it blew up my cemail.vol file from 650k to 2,5 MB now. I am tight on memory - so these about 2 MB wasted of 7 I had free are really annoying me.
I restarted the device but still the too large cemail.vol stays there :-((

What can I do to claim back my memory?

tobbbie said...

Luckily I could solve the problem without having to restore an old backup:
- disable email sync with the desktop (outlook email)
- sync
- restart device
- enable email sync again
voila :-)

deBlor said...

Great!!! :)
Thank you for sharing information.

If you have more question, you can email: