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Thursday, February 28, 2008

SMSBubbles v1.0

SMSBubbles displays incoming text message or delivery receipt in a "bubble". If text of message contains a phone number SMSBubbles tries to find matching contact from the phone's contact list and according to the settings replaces the number by composed contact string. All phone numbers in a bubble are shown as links, so it is possible to activate them and then make a call to the linked phone number.

SMSBubbles works on Windows Mobile 5 and higher Smartphones.

Basic features:
* - Displays incoming text message in modal bubble
* - Displays SMS delivery notification in bubble
* - Silent SMS delivery receipt notification
* - Shows bubble even if device is locked
* - Resolves phone numbers in text messages and delivery receipts
* - Provides ability to set custom delivery receipt text
* - Customizable form of resolved phone number replacement
* - Supports both QVGA (240x320) and standard (176x220) resolutions
* - Supports landscape orientation
* - Bubbles can be switched on/off according the phone profile

Known issues:
- After pressing button Down hotkeys doesn't work - this is a limitation of Windows Mobile 5 OS when using embedded PIE
- After reapearing of SMS bubble by presing the Home button top corners of bubble window sometimes remain white

More information:

Download .CAB
Download .ZIP

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