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Friday, January 4, 2008



Panoramic three-dimensional audio on WM6.

New product markets are emerging that not only require improved audio performance but also have additional audio challenges specifically with small speaker drivers and closely spaced speakers. Products such as laptop computers, advanced mobile phones with stereo speakers, and even small stereo equipped speaker cradles for MP3 players each have stereo imaging and bass performance challenges.

SRS WOW XT, which is based on the company's SRS WOW technology, was developed specifically to address products designed with closely spaced speakers drivers. In addition to the features of SRS WOW, SRS WOW XT adds specialized versions of SRS 3D and TruBass to ensure a very wide stereo image and improved low frequency performance.

SRS WOW XT(tm) provides a panoramic three-dimensional audio image and improved low frequency performance through use of specific processing controls, expressly designed for small, closely spaced speakers drivers. SRS WOW XT provides a cost-effective, demonstrable audio improvement without the need for expensive hardware design changes.
And now all this aviable for smartphone with WM6!

After installation you must reboot a smartphone before use program.

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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dheerajk27 said...

This application locked up my HP iPAQ 512 phone. The phone was not booting only, after the soft-reset. Had no choice, but to go for a hard-reset!

tobbbie said...

Hi, it works on an application unlocked O2 XDA Phone (HTC Tornado). It seems to replace the wave driver on the device and it works with ALL applications going through it. My impression (subjective) is however that it degrades quality (cutting off high treble and deep bass) if NOT in SRS-Mode. Consequently I removed it again. Get a good headphone and enjoy the efforts that the music producers have put in their work (the music).