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Monday, November 12, 2007

SmartToolkit v1.0.0. RC08

SmartToolkit is an application for Windows Mobile Smartphones. It adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements!

What's new:
1. Fully gadgets customizable ( add gadgets control panel )
2. Add Popup Launch and Shortcut in Internal gadgets
3. Add External Gadget WebSearch Gadget
4. Clean up tray clock font, and fix not update bugs
5. Add My Vista Phone skin and Windows Vista (by Gio512) Icon set
6. Enchance the Clipboard function, it will direct close after you select the command.
7. Enchance the Navigate 9Way function, you can use your softkey to access menu even the function is actived. It no more closes when lost focus.
8. Add mapping back key and taskbar hotkey when you on the deskbar
9. Add individual box drawing for skinning. (read the Skins Development Manual)
10. Fix Agenda One conflict
11. Fix Screen saver drawing
12. Fix Keylock softkey hangup

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0

More information:


SmartToolkit v1.00 RC09-CORE1

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