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Monday, November 5, 2007


AutoBaseHue is a program that allow to choose the desiderated value for the registry key.


Furthermore, bacuse of the value of BaseHue is resetted
after every device's soft-reset, AutoBaseHue restore the
chosen value at every boot of windows.

The operation is truly simple:
The program is composed from two executables:

- ABHChooser.exe
- ABHSetter.exe

and from one registry key:

- HKLM\Software\AutoBaseHue\BHCol

* ABHChooser is a very simple program that allow to
insert in a textbox the desiderated value for BaseHue.
Pressing OK, this value will be saved in

* ABHSetter is a even simpler program that read the
value of HKLM\Software\AutoBaseHue\BHCol
and write it in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Color\BaseHue

The installation copy the ABHSetter rows in
\Windows\StartUp so that it comes executed at the boot time.

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