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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Instant Messaging SMS (IMSMS) v1.0.400

InstantSMS (IMSMS) is an application that will allow you to send and receive SMS text messages as if they were instant messages!

The software will allow you to group messages together for easy viewing and provide an Instant messaging format you are accustomed to when using Instant Messaging software. If you are a heavy SMS text user, you know how inconvenient it is without having a way to group your messages together. Now you can with IMSMS! It was designed to mimic Instant Messaging while utilizing the fast and cheap SMS services! Best of all, this software was designed to be FREE and fully functional on Windows Mobile devices! Now you can text away just like you do when you chat away on IM!

Quick easy steps to get started:

1. If you haven’t already, make sure you have contacts in your system’s contacts (system’s phone book). THE PHONE NUMBER REQUIRED WILL BE THE MOBILE TELEPHONE NUMBER. Any other number will not enable you to send outgoing messages. The number format MUST BE CONSISTENT LIKE SO: +14251112222. You MUST comply with this format (change all your MOBILE TELEPHONE numbers if haven’t already first before you attempt to use IMSMS. This will ensure your messages get tracked by the contact name listed in your system contact phone book.) ALL NETWORKS use this format: (+1)=country code, (425)=area code, 1112222 (7digit calling number). Entering it in this +14251112222 will ensure a 100% match when messages arrive in your phone – this is how the mobile networks publish your mobile number and how SMS relies on this number to function!

2. Now that you have your contacts all setup, simply select from the MENU->ACTION->Add/Remove Friend. If you have contacts in your system contact phone book, you will see a listing of contacts. Each name will be followed by their MOBILE PHONE NUMBER. If you do not see a phone number listed next to the name, that means you don’t have a MOBILE NUMBER for that person. You MUST have one. If you see that the mobile number is not in this +14251112222 format, please update it.

3. Select the person you wish to add as a FRIEND and click on the ADD menu item. This will add all checked persons you have selected.

4. You will see the names in the ORANGE (friends list box). Use your navigation keypad and push up until the ORANGE BOX is highlighted. Scroll LEFT or RIGHT to select a FRIEND.

5. Once you have selected a FRIEND in the friends list box, hit DOWN on your keypad to select the TEXT INPUT AREA (in BLACK). You will see your flashing cursor appear.

6. Start typing your message. When you are finished, hit the ENTER key or the middle button on the navigation keypad. There will be a slight delay (designed to be anti-flooding) and your sent message will appear in the CHAT LOG below.

7. Once your friend receives the text message, he/she will simply respond but you will see the message in the chat log and the entire system will be identical to instant messaging.

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