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Monday, October 8, 2007

Mocha TN5250 FTP Server for Windows Mobile

Mocha FTP Server gives an easy way to copy files to/from a PDA running Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC 200x.
It supports the standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) features found in most web browsers and FTP client applications.

* Supports all standard FTP commands
* PASV command. The client will make the data connection (needed with firewalls)
* Portrait/landscape mode
* Anonymous login
* Real-time monitoring of users and commands
* 9 different users with password protection
* 25 active sessions
* Different access rights for users (read only mode)
* Security timer, which will close inactive sessions

Freeware license key for mocha FTP Server for Windows Mobile:
License name : freeware
License key : 111425

- Smartphone WM 5.0

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