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Thursday, October 11, 2007

3D Menu

3D Menu makes the default menu of your smartphone into neat looking 3D one.

After the 3d menu is installed you have to take out the batery from the phone for 30 seconds as the phone will not boot for some reason ( why i do not know ) but by removing the battery the problem is solved and the phone will boot up normally , you will also have the homescreen which will give you the option to switch from 2d to 3d but if you do not like that the switch application can be found in the menu under applications ( in the 3d menu )

3d menu ( an automated version which you copy and the phone will install it automaticly ) simply copy the extracted 2577 folder to your sd card and reboot the phone or remove and reinsert the sd card for it to install.

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yogi1982 said...

none of the above link is working, pleeeeeeeeeeease correct it.

deBlor said...

It works fine. Tested.