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Thursday, August 9, 2007

WM 6.0 for Typhoon

Upgrade Typhoon
Windows Mobile 2003 to Windows Mobile 6.0

Your smartphone must be activesynced with the computer. Prepare an official ROM update for your phone.

  • Go to the folder where you extracted files from and run TyphoonNBFTools.exe
  • In menu select File > Open NBF... and load SPL1010064.nbf.
  • Right click on SPL1010064.nbf and select 'Emergency Flash' in popup menu.
    Your phone will probably ask a permission to run TyphoonNBFTools.dll. Press OK.
  • Press OK untill flashing started.
  • When flashing is done disable USB connections in ActiveSync Connection Settings.
  • Reboot your phone (turn it off and on). It will run into bootloader.

  • Download SPL from here.
  • Extract all the files to some folder on the PC and run Patched_RUU.exe.
  • Follow the instructions and it will flash SPL for WM6 to your phone.

  • Download WM6 from here
  • Copy WM6.bin from the archive to C:\
  • Disable USB connections in ActiveSync Connection Settings.
  • Turn off the phone and disconnect USB
  • Press Camera button and holding it insert USB connector (or holding Camera button press Power button for 1-2 seconds).
  • When "Need an UI (0)?" appears on the screen press [0] immediately. You will see tricolor screen, in the blue zone there will be "Typhoon IU" message, if you see "Typhoon XIP" you were late to press [0], start from beginning.
  • Run mtty1.42.exe from archive, choose [USB], press Enter and you will see a prompt.
  • Type "l c:\wm6.bin" without quotes and press Enter.
  • Wait untill the phone flashed and the prompt appeared again, type "ResetDevice" and press Enter to restart the phone or just turn the phone off and on.
  • ENJOY! ;)

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Kirill said...

It's great news! I'm waiting for this untill WM6 was released.
But any interested in it must know:
1) For WM5 rowence users: you MUST use THIS SPL (the version identical 109, but they NOT - you'll see Buffer small error if you try to flash WM6.bin over WM5.bin without reflash THIS SPL). I can reflash this SPL only with first instructions for going back to wm2003 and SPL 064;

2) The picture is NOT for those models! Current version for TYPHOON, not FEELER (with Joistick) that pictured. See
for illustrated models versions.
With this version Feeler work well but DON'T work joistik (you can't anything to configure ;-) )
Be carefull. I'm very wait for version for Feeler (my Qtek 8020).

Kirill said...

You can find .bin for Feeler here:

it's already russian T9 here and some improvements, but also have some bugs ;-) (like not camera button work, altrought camera work)

It's work fine for me (at this moment - little time after flash, I'll post if any unstability find later).
Backlight don't fire for any keys - only when red phone are pushed - for energy save I think...