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Thursday, August 30, 2007

SmaryoMessenger(SmartPhone) v1.0

Features bluetooth chat Transfer file using bluetooth you can create phrase files by choosing you can send emoticons in smaryo bluetooth messenger. auto save chat message Download The Full Function Software For FREE.
How to install?
Desktop (notebook):
Double Click this file PCSmaryoMessenger.msi.

Pocket pc:
1.Copy to your pocket pc.
2.Click on your pocket pc.

Smartphone 2003
1.Copy to your Smartphone.
2.Click on your Smartphone.

Smartphone WM5.0
1.Copy to your Smartphone.
2.Click on your Smartphone.

System requirements:

Desktop (notebook):
1.Windows XP SP2,Windows Vista.
2. .NET Framework 1.1
3. Bluetooth USB Adapter (MS stack compatibility).
(v2.0 class1 up to 150 Mtrs distance)

Pocket PC: MS stack compatibility
Dell Axim x51 (And X50 with Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgrade)
E-TEN M600
HTC Himalaya (O2 XDAII, Orange m1000, iMate Pocket PC Phone Edition)
HTC Magician
HTC Universal
HTC Wizard
Intermec 700 Series
Intermec 730
Intermec CN2B
Intermec CN30
Intermec CK60
Symbol PPT-8866

Smartphone:MS stack compatibility
HTC Voyager
HTC Typhoon
HTC Feeler
HTC Amadeus
HTC Tornado
Motorola MPX220

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