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Friday, August 31, 2007

micro-VNC for Windows Mobile 5

micro-VNC is Enhanced VNC client for WM5, PalmOS5, Symbian, BREW, micro-ITRON, etc.

There are the following features:
* Basic features: Built-in SSH (Secure Shell) client including SSH port forwarding : Secure VNC connection is available.
* Effective encoding like CopyRect/ZRLE is available : It is effective in low bandwidth.
* SSS(Server Side Scaling)

Advanced features:
* Support "Side menu" and configurable "Macro" You can do various operations using right/left popup menu(Side menu). The operations(Macro) such as "Close(Alt+F4)" are configurable.
* Support "File Transfer"
UltraVNC style File Transfer protocol is now supported.

You can upload/download file between your device and remote PC.

* Support sound streaming
ESD(Enlightened Sound Daemon) with Vorbis sound compression extension is now available. You can hear the sound played back on remote PC from your Device!

(Notice)Sound stream is delivered by another server separated from VNC server. If you want to use sound stream, you need to setup sound streaming server. More detail, see manual.
* Support new lossy codec for motion picture(ZYWRLE)
New our lossy codec suit for motion picture is now available.

Though image is fuzzy partially, network traffic reduced to 50%(Hi)/15%(Mid) traffice of ZRLE when we play back motion picture. (Notice)Almost VNC server doesn't support ZYWRLE because it was developed by us. If you want to use ZYWRLE, you need to setup ZYWRLE available VNC server. More detail, see manual.

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