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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

zaTelnet Light

zaTelnet Light: a Telnet client for MS Smartphones.

ZaTelnet Light is a Telnet client for devices supporting Microsoft Compact Framework 1.0 or 2.0. It also emulates terminal VT100 (basically enough for working with Midnight Commander and others console programs).

There are four variants of this software available for:
* PocketPC with MS CF 1.0
* PocketPC with MS CF 2.0
* MS Smartphone with CF 1.0
* MS Smartphone 2005 with CF2 for newest devices like MototolaQ, T-Mobile DASH, Samsung BlackJack and so one.

ZaTelnet Light offers extended opportunities for interface customization, such as full screen mode, different display sizes, 240x240, 240x480, 480x480 and 480x640 screen r esolutions, portrait and landscape orientation modes, screen with adjustable size and different font sizes. Also, ZaTelnet features special floating keyboard for CF1 and CF2. Working with ZaTelnet, you can choose transparent or opaque mode, change keyboard size. Additional convenience comes from transparent floating keyboard, designed specially for Pocket PC version. What is more, ZaTelnet enables you to change font size for console, virtual screen size and orientation without shutdown session. The client also enables easy saving, editing and restoring of sessions.

ZaTelnet Light boasts a handful of improvements that make remote administration of Unix and other servers via Telnet protocol using mobile devices simpler and more efficient. New Light version of ZaTelnet features key press preview indicator, connection progress indicator, ping utility and more other functional improvements.

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