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Monday, July 2, 2007

SQIJ for Smartphone

The SQIJ platform enables your Windows Mobile Smartphone to employ ANY mobile-optmized applet.

Current applets include:
* RSS News Reader
* Push Email notifier
* Traffic Incident Alerts
* Weather
* Finance (news and stock quotes)
* Travel (info, world times, currency)
* Dictionary
* Cheap Fuel Locations
* MSN and Yahoo Instant Messenger
* and much more...

The program also includes a built-in Instant Messenger, for real-time chats with friends or colleagues. Future applets in the works will enable seamless integration of other chat networks, like AIM and MSN.

Also, for developers: develop your OWN APPLETS, to provide easy access to favourite sites, or information, in the SQIJ mobile-friendly and wireless-friendly way.

* Windows Smartphone 2003SE
* Windows Smartphone 5/6

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