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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PhoneCard v1.4

PhoneCard helps you manage and use calling cards on your mobile device.

It is currently very tedious and frustrating to use a calling card with a Smartphone. You need to first call the access number for the card and then type the pin number before calling the person you wanted. Some phone cards even require you to select the language code for the operator. Furthermore, the current Smartphone user interface makes it very difficult to use calling cards with the integrated contacts simultaneously. For people who have family members overseas and are heavily using calling cards to contact them, this process can become a nightmare.

PhoneCard solves this problem by providing an interface for managing your calling cards in one single place. You don't need to keep the cards with you anymore. The application helps you update the pin number of registered cards very quickly. You can directly call the support number to add new minutes to your card. You can also dial the card number to get the money left on the card. You can now make a direct call using your contacts from pocket Outlook and no need to enter anything else.

PhoneCard is very easy to use. The application comes with a preloaded card to start with. You can clone it to create new cards or simply update it with your own pin number.
* The dial format property of each card represents the dial sequence for the card. For example, some cards require that you press an extra number, usually 1 or 2 to select the spoken language. The dial format enables you to specify that information. (Example: A card with language selection of value 2 will use sequence PIN+2+NUMBER. If no selection is required, use PIN+NUMBER).
* Pressing the [action] button on the main dialog displays the selected card information.
* The application properties are configurable via the options dialog.
* To make a direct call without using your contacts, simply dial the number directly from the home screen.
* You can change the ordering of the contacts name in the options dialog.
* The home screen's skin color can be modified in the options dialog.
* Your contacts information is also editable directly from the application.

* Create, clone, edit or delete calling cards.
* Skin color modification thru options.
* Support direct call or deferred calling using POOM contacts.
* Configurable dial command for diverse cards.
* New Cards names automatic generation.
* Customer Service auto-dialing.
* Contacts editing.

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