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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Jeyo Personalizer v1.0

With Jeyo Personalizer, you can customize your phone with home screen themes, ring tones and sounds, wallpapers, and programs that are already on your phone.

Or, you can download and install new ones from a SD card. No longer will you have to know what file folders to put things in or which settings to change. Jeyo Personalizer takes care of all these arcane details for you.

* One tool that meets your personalization needs
* Easy but powerful customization features
* Better use of SD card as storage for ring tones, pictures, etc.
* Last but not the least -- FREE


* Preview themes before applying them
* Beam or email current theme to another Smartphone
* Install theme (.HME) files from a SD card or phone memory

* Utilize sound files anywhere on a SD card (or in phone memory)
* Beam or email sound files to another Smartphone

* Set any picture as home screen background
* Slideshow pictures on home screen

* Re-order programs ("Start") list
* Install application (.CAB) files from a SD card or phone memory

* Smartphone Windows Mobile

More information:
Jeyo Personalizer

ZIP File
CAB File

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