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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Alarm Clock 2007 Lite

More than your alarm clock!
Professional alarm with big range of settings as weekly and fortnightly alarm clock, analog or digital o'clock, voice time notification, switching to flight mode, snooze function, .....

- weekly and fortnightly alarm clock with possibility setting any time wake-up on every day.
- possibility particular setting in even and odd week.
- initiation of any application, video, vibration or playback MP3, WMA, WAV and others files format.
- possibility hiding programme to the regime running process on background
- personal background with display analog or digital o'clock and actual data and week in the year.
- snooze function or possibility set repeated ringing after definite time
- voice enunciating of actual time in choice term or every hour (possibility of other sounds, e.g . gong, cuckoo and users)
-automatic switching to the flight mode and back in selected time or synchronous with alarm
- etc.
- SmartPhone 2003
- SmartPhone 2003SE

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