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Friday, June 22, 2007

SmaryoContacts v1.0 for Smartphone

Auto Dialing and play voice message, Full text index, Calculator, Full function free download.

1.Download file and extract it to the directory of your desktop.
2.Connect your phone to your PC and run SDA_ApplicationUnlock on your PC.
3.Copy the Cab file to your phone.
SmaryoContacts2003(Smartphone(HTC) 2003)
SmaryoContactsWM50(Smartphone(HTC) WM5.0)
PPCSmaryoContacts2003(Pocket Pc 2003)
PPCSmaryoContactsWM50(Pocket Pc WM5.0)
4.Click on the Cab file to begin the installation process in your phone.
5.Installation OK.
6.The application will appear on the Start Menu.

Auto dialing and play voice message.
Database is txt(UTF-8) format, easy to translate.
Full text index.
Export to XML or CSV or TXT.
Selected/Unselected the list item.
Auto SMS ane Email(WM5.0 only).
Calculator Program.
Full function free download.


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