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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

RJV Clock v1.0

RJV Clock is a free Digital Clock, Stopwatch, Countdown Timer and Lap Timer in one. Default sounds can be customized as desired.


Digital Clock
* alarms every hour
* larger digits for better viewing

* up to 100th of a second
* tick sound on each pause

Countdown Timer
* up to 100th of a second
* easy to setup starting time
* with time-out alarm sound

Lap Timer
* unlimited short lap records
* easy lap entry (just press Action key or #2)
* tick sound for each lap entry
* lap records can be copied to clipboard using Xbar or iMenu so you can paste it to a new SMS, email, text file, etc.

Sounds files:
- replaceable...use same filename when you want to customize it (supported wav files only)

Clock.wav - hourly alarm sound when RJV Clock is open
Stop.wav - sound when doing a pause in Stopwatch
Timer.wav - time-out sound for Countdown timer
Lap.wav - tick sound for each lap entry


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