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Friday, June 22, 2007

Playlist Manager for Smartphone

Create and edit Windows Media Player playlists directly on your Smartphones!

Windows Media Player for Smartphones doesn't have a built-in feature of creating playlists. One option is to create a playlist by means of some available utilities using the PC. But, wouldn't it be cool to be able to create your playlists directly on your Smartphones? :-)

UPDATE (31 October 2006):
Playlist Manager SP build 103006 and Playlist Manager PPC build 103006 now available.
What's new:
* fixed minor bugs
* now fully compatible with SP WM5 (both 176x220 and QVGA)
* now with PPC version

UPDATE (24 January 2006):
Playlist Manager SP beta 2.0, in test version compatible with WM5.0 Smarpthone devices. The beta version cab file installs and runs on SP2003/2003 SE/WM5.0 devices.
[Tested on HTC Voyager, O2 Xphone II, and HTC Tornado]


1 comment:

Prajith said...

the download link points to seaquest.exe instead of the playlist manager