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Thursday, June 28, 2007

MyTools v2.24 for Smartphone

MyTools for Smartphone 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone is a utility software for display memory status, Timer for powered on batteries, and current time on Title bar area.

* Popup MyTools Menu : Press [Record] button or [Home] button.
* * Scroll MyTools Menu Item : Press Volume up/down button or dpad
cursor up/down button.
* Confirm selected MyTools Menu Item : Press [Record] button or [Action] button or [Power] button.*
* Voice Notes : select from MyTools Menu.
* for some smartphone device with camera,
like O2 Xphone, use Press and Hold [Record] button instant of press [Record] button,
for confirm selection, can use press [Power] button too.
like O2 Xphone II, use Press and Hold [Volume Up] button instant of press [Record] button.
for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, user require to unlock the device otherwise record key, volume up/down keys , and the Today screen right soft key are not able to use

* Close current window, just select "Close Task" in MyTools menu.
* Free memory status
* Timer for powered on batteries. with option to select timer on batteries or time remain of the batteries.
* PC Card Storage Card Status.
* Task List display, let user switch or close applications.
* Power-on Sound
* Power-on Check Call forward status, let the Home screen will report Call Forward status correctly after power on.
* right soft button of Home screen add a popup menu, let you select calculator, contacts, inbox, file manager or call log.
* clear up memory for every 30 minutes, make you smartphone run more smooth then before.
* add disable IE button and Camera button, to let user to disable launch IE or Camera while press by mistake. (it is for some smartphone device have IE or camera but easily pressed).
* Full screen big clock display while key locked.
* totally different to Smartphone 2002 version

More information:

Download .exe
Download .cab

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